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Accessing alternative investments via managed accounts (MACs) can provide investors with greater control and independence as well as enhanced transparency and liquidity matched to the underlying investments.

We have a long history of investing via MACs. What sets us apart is that for 15 years we have built a significant MAC platform as an investor. As such, we construct portfolios with MACs based on our confidence in the underlying manager and an understanding of how their strategy contributes to a particular portfolio mix. This is a key differentiator to the flow-driven business of competing MAC providers and aims to ensure that we share mutual interests and common goals with our investors.

Crucially, this means that in addition to the security and transparency that MACs provide, we are able to work closely with our clients to create insightful and transparent investment solutions to meet their requirements.

As at 1 July 2013, we have USD 8.2 billion invested in a diverse range of around 71 high calibre managers via MACs.

Our platform is built on four core principles:

Investment driven

A crucial component of our offering is that prior to MACs being set up, a disciplined process is used to identify, validate and approve new managers for investment. As part of this process, we aim to negotiate favourable fees and liquidity terms with our investment managers, the benefits of which are passed directly on to investors.

Active monitoring and continual review of our MACs post launch ensures that only high conviction investment managers are retained and that best practises are implemented.


We are fully independent from all MAC service providers, including prime brokers. By removing this conflict of interest, we can objectively manage exposure to these counterparties to ensure optimal quality and control for our investors.

Due to our scale, we are able to negotiate competitive terms and fees with key service providers to reduce the cost of operating our MACs which further benefits our investors.


Full daily position level transparency is produced for all MACs. We have made significant investment in technology and infrastructure to ensure that the data is processed into meaningful output. This provides us with valuable insight from an investment and risk management perspective and allows for more informed decision making.

Furthermore, through industry-leading reporting we are able to pass on a significant level of insight that is used by our investment and risk management teams to our investors.

Matched liquidity

As we are investment driven, our preference is to match the liquidity terms of MACs to the liquidity profile of the trading strategy. This aims to allow the investment manager to deliver their full return potential.

Our flexible investment platform allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their specific investment requirements in order to create tailored investment solutions.

Please note some of these investment solutions may not be offered in your jurisdiction or may significantly differ from those offered in your jurisdiction.

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