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FRM Early View, January 2015
This document from the FRM Investment Team provides commentary on the previous month’s market activity and an early indication of hedge fund industry performance.
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Man FRM | 31 Jan 2015
Jeffrey Atherton
Value traps
Investors are very nervous when it comes to paying a low price for investments. Jeff explains that what might be a trap could equally be a compelling investment opportunity.
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Jeffrey Atherton | 14 Jan 2015
Shanta Puchtler, CFA
Lies, damned lies and statistics
Shanta explains that while numbers play an important role in investment analysis, they should not always be taken at face value.
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Shanta Puchtler, CFA | 14 Jan 2015
Sandy Rattray
Style drift
It is always tempting to try to ‘fix’ a system that is not working well, but Sandy explains that tinkering with it is often counter-productive.
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Sandy Rattray | 14 Jan 2015
Pierre Lagrange
Why 4 is better than 3
Pierre believes it’s time to focus on the other T in the TMT acronym and explains why 4G could prove the catalyst for a long-awaited change in fortunes for telecommunication carriers.
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Pierre Lagrange | 14 Jan 2015
Robyn Grew
Why the introduction of more laws and regulations won’t stop another scandal
Robyn explains that laws and regulations alone will never be sufficient to wipe out malfeasance…this can only be addressed by focusing on the behaviour of individuals and the culture of investment houses.
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Robyn Grew | 14 Jan 2015
Yoav Git
Leverage: Friend, foe or source of alpha?
Yoav, Giuliana and Jaco tackle the thorny issue of leverage and find that it can be useful in enhancing portfolio diversification.
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Yoav Git | 14 Jan 2015
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